Intuitive Healer and Mentor

Release Energy Blocks
Enhance Emotional and Physical Well-being

Are you stuck in one or more important areas of your life? Is there a longing deep inside you that as yet has not been first honored, then explored, and expressed? What is stopping you from living a life you love to live?

I intuitively and energetically connect at a very deep level with you and why you are here.

~ Together, we will explore what constitutes energy blocks and the many ways in which they are created. In doing so, you will gradually discover how you can relax into the process and release the beliefs and ways of being that block your progress. It is a skill! We live in our heads way too much, the answers there are often logical, reasonable, safe, and doable, but do they open your heart and inspire you? Only in becoming conscious of your feelings and thoughts can you change them, becoming a freer happier person. This process calls out the Hero, the Healer, the Explorer, and the Lover, inside us. “Relating” to ourselves in this way frees us of the status quo and supports a life that is fulfilling, exciting, albeit, sometimes challenging.

~You will not regret making this commitment to your life, filling it with abundance, joy, and perhaps, service to others! Service gives the process meaning beyond our selves; it may be passive or it may be a large part of the life you want to live. I offer several approaches for you to choose from, one or more may speak to you. Please peruse my website then contact me here or go to my Facebook page to learn more about scheduled events. I look forward to hearing from you...

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